Nothing’s probably more buzz-worthy in media and entertainment today than augmented and virtual reality. Companies around the world are finding creative ways to implement these new platforms into our everyday experiences. From helping cyclists to playing video games, it’s easy to see how AR and VR might quickly become the standard for consuming all types of content. Many companies are pushing the tech into surprising areas of our lives.

Toronto-based developer and content creator, AWE (Augmented World Engine) is using VR to bring uncommon experiences to familiar venues like museums and historic sites. CEO Srinivas Krishna and his team have partnered with the City of Toronto to create a virtual tour for visitors to the historic site of Fort York, an important garrison in the War of 1812. During the tour, visitors can don Nexus 6 VR gear and watch digital versions of soldiers loading and firing cannons, ships being attached and other historic dramas played out around the 9-acre site.

We talked with Srinivas about how his company created their own Unity engine-based software to power the experience, what types of VR viewers worked and didn’t, and what other applications VR and AR might have it the future.

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