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Pluralsight: The top-rated technology skills development platform

See why 96% of users rated Pluralsight 4 or 5 stars
Unbiased reviews from real users tell it like it is. People love Pluralsight so much, they chose us as the clear leader of G2 Crowd’s Technical Skills Development Software Winter 2019 report.

The report on this new category fortifies our spot as a technology skills trailblazer, ranking us:
#1 Highest rated technical skills development software
#1 in Satisfaction
#1 in Popularity
#1 in Usability
#1 in User adoption
#1 in Quality of support

See how Pluralsight compares to other platforms in these key areas and more.

While you’re there, check out why nearly 300 reviewers like Sean H. say, “I’ve purchased licenses for my entire team so that we are able to keep up with the constant changes in the technology landscape.”

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