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Learning Matrix

V1.0 last revision: 04/10/2018



This document provides an explanation of a Pluralsight Learning Matrix, the benefits it can provide, and when/why one would be used.

What is a Learning Matrix?

A Learning Matrix is an easily digestible visualization, providing curated learning paths, courses, and assessment recommendations. These content recommendations are visually mapped to skills, topics, and or job roles identified in conjunction with you, the customer. The number of Learning Matrices required will depend on the number of major topics included. Example topics could include Angular Development,  IT Networking, or Developing on Amazon Web Services. Logical organization into major topics happens at the discretion of the Skills Strategy team, and will be discussed during the Scoping/Discovery part of the process. More information on Discovery is in the process explanation below. 

Each matrix is built by Pluralsight’s expert Skills Strategy team. The included matrix/visualization can come in several forms including but not limited to:

1. Functional Skills Matrix - Organizational Roles are identified, as well as aligned skills. A Matrix is created to show the relation between these skills and roles.

1. Functional Skills Matrix

2. Skills Proficiency Matrix -  A detailed mapping of course recommendations aligned to specific proficiency/topic areas.

2. Skills Proficiency Matrix

3. Spinal Graph (Composition Graph) - Beginner to expert representation of Pluralsights  courses/Skill Paths aligned to a specific role or major topic area.

3. Spinal Graph (Composition Graph)

Note: The specific matrix/visualization used depends on the scope of the request, the type of recommendations, and a variety of other factors. 

The Learning Matrix comes with one revision to ensure the best possible alignment to client needs.

When would a Learning Matrix be Beneficial?

A Learning Matrix solves a number of problems and concerns including:

  • Validation of content coverage, providing assurance that Pluralsight meets the content needs of a team, or teams, within an organization.
  • Content alignment to a Business/Learning Objectives.
  • Increase ROI through enhanced usage and adoption.

If your needs extend beyond what can be contained in one or a few Learning Matrices(many major topics , multiple teams, etc…), the Skills Strategy team may recommend a Technology Strategy Plan.

The Process:

The first step in a Learning Matrix is Discovery

A Discovery session is initiated through your CSM, Account Executive, or here. Discovery can come in the form of documentation, a Scoping/Discovery session(phone/video chat), or (preferably) both. Discovery is included in the price for a Learning Matrix, but the purchase is not necessary for Discovery. Initial discovery is always free.

Following discovery, the Skills Strategy team will build and deliver an initial Learning Matrix Draft to be reviewed. 

If necessary, The Skills Strategy team will modify and deliver a final draft as part of the iteration mentioned above.

Next Steps

Now that you know what a Learning Matrix is, feel free to talk with us about engaging our Skills Strategy team here, or contact your CSM/Account Executive.

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