Visual Studio 2019

Authors: Scott Allen, Kate Gregory, Thomas Claudius Huber, Barry Luijbregts, Brice Wilson

Visual Studio 2019 is the latest release of Microsoft's flagship IDE for building solutions in a wide range of languages across multiple platforms. This skill path will help you... Read more


These courses are designed to help you master the most common activities in Visual Studio. If you have used prior versions of Visual Studio, check out the What's New in Visual Studio 2019 course to quickly come up to speed on all the new features. If you are new to Visual Studio, you will want to check out the Getting Started with Visual Studio 2019 course. Then, take your debugging skills to the next level with a deep dive on debugging in the last course in this category.

What's New in Visual Studio 2019

by Barry Luijbregts

Apr 1, 2019 / 58m


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Learn what’s new in Visual Studio 2019. In this course, What’s New in Visual Studio 2019, you will learn foundational knowledge of how to become productive with the new features in Visual Studio 2019. First, you will see what Visual Studio Live Share is. Next, you will discover the enhanced search and one-click code cleanup. Finally, you will explore how to manage Git pull requests from Visual Studio and what IntelliCode is. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Visual Studio 2019 needed to become more productive and improve your software quality.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. The Road to Visual Studio 201911m
  3. The New Visual Productivity Features of Visual Studio 201915m
  4. The New Code Productivity Features of Visual Studio 201924m
  5. Summary and Where to Go Next5m

Visual Studio 2019 Getting Started

by Kate Gregory

Apr 2, 2019 / 2h 10m

2h 10m

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Developers targeting a variety of platforms use Visual Studio to create applications and libraries with many different frameworks and languages. It has a rich feature set including an intelligent editor, built in compiler (and related tools) and context-sensitive help. This course, Visual Studio 2019 Getting Started, covers basic concepts like projects and solutions, and shows you how to write, edit, debug, and improve your code. It goes further into tips and shortcuts that will save you time every day. First, you will learn how to navigate, search, and discover your way through code you didn't write. Next, you will explore how to type less and do less work to get your code written the way you want. Finally, you will touch on how to debug, as well as customize and extend Visual Studio to make it work best for you. When you are finished with this course, you will know the basics of how to use Visual Studio and can focus on a specific language or framework as your next step, or take a course on more specific tasks such as debugging or source control.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. Getting Visual Studio10m
  3. Managing Projects and Solutions42m
  4. Working With Source Code in Visual Studio37m
  5. Managing NuGet Packages with Visual Studio15m
  6. Customizing Visual Studio22m


Refine your skills with the courses in this section as you learn to manage your Git repositories using Visual Studio. Coming soon, you can look forward to learning about all of the testing features available in Visual Studio, The code analysis features and how Visual Studio helps you migrate solutions to Azure.

Using Git for Source Control in Visual Studio 2019

by Thomas Claudius Huber

Apr 1, 2019 / 2h 3m

2h 3m

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At the core of working on a project with Git and Visual Studio 2019 is a thorough knowledge of Visual Studio's integrated Git support. In this course, Using Git for Source Control in Visual Studio 2019, you will learn the skills you need to use Git directly in Visual Studio 2019. First, you will learn how to create, push, and clone Git repositories. Next, you will discover how to commit and synchronize changes, and how to resolve merge conflicts. Finally, you will examine how to work with branches and how to create and review pull requests in Visual Studio 2019. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of working with Git in Visual Studio 2019 that will help you as you move forward to work on your projects that use Git as a version control system.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. Creating and Cloning Git Repositories23m
  3. Committing and Synchronizing Changes19m
  4. Working with Branches and Tags39m
  5. Handling Pull Requests 22m
  6. Viewing the History of Your Code15m


Set yourself apart with the knowledge you will gain in this track. In just over half an hour, you can learn how to use Visual Studio Live Share. Then you will learn about the advanced debugging features and how to build cloud native solutions in Visual Studio.

Play by Play: Visual Studio Live Share

by Scott Allen

Apr 1, 2019 / 36m


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Play by Play is a series in which top technologists work through a problem in real time, unrehearsed, and unscripted. In this course, Play by Play: Visual Studio Live Share, Scott Allen and Brice Wilson demonstrate how to use Visual Studio Live Share to share code and collaborate on different types of projects. You'll learn how to follow developers through a codebase, work independently in the same shared project, debug together, and expose servers and terminals to other developers in your Live Share session. Along the way, you'll also learn about the security features built-in to Live Share, some of the configuration options that are available and how to use the technology across platforms. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the features available in Visual Studio Live Share and how they can enable you and your team to work more collaboratively whether you're just down the hall from each other or thousands of miles away.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. Introduction to Visual Studio Live Share4m
  3. Collaborating with Visual Studio15m
  4. Collaborating with Visual Studio Code14m

What you will learn

  • Creating and managing projects in Visual Studio
  • Use of Visual Studio's refactorings
  • How to use Visual Studio's extensive debugging capabilities
  • How to debug on remote servers
  • Using Git from Visual Studio as a source control solution
  • Using Visual Studio Live Share to collaborate with other developers
  • How to use code analysis to produce cleaner code
  • How to run tests from Visual Studio



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