Why Attend

10 reasons you don’t want to miss LIVE

Elite Technologists
Get face time with hundreds of world-renowned technologists AKA our expert author community.
Lessons on Learning
Take home actionable ways to create a culture of learning at your organization.
"The keynotes were spectacular. Really, the best lineup I've ever seen."
- David Liu
Strategies for Success
Build learning strategies that enable your company to align skill development to key objectives and evolve your business at scale.
"The networking events were so on point..."
- Kaitlyn Hova
Innovative Keynotes
Find inspiration to push the boundaries of technology and create a brighter future with keynotes by industry thought leaders.
"There was SO MUCH awesomeness to the conference."
- Karen Catlin
Security Prowess
Protect your organization against rising security threats with exclusive access to some of the biggest names in cybersecurity.
Emerging Trends
Gain unbiased industry insight on the skills you and your team need to succeed in critical areas like cloud, security, data, design and mobile.
Platform Insight
Be the first to see the latest platform updates and learn how Pluralsight can help you discover internal talent, close skills gaps and align learning to business objectives.
"An inspirational, entertaining and enlightening time."
- Barry May
Technology Partners
Rub shoulders and shake hands with new vendors that can take your organization to the next level.
Better Product Development
Thrive in an era of digital disruption by embracing customer-driven product development.
Valuable Networking
Interact with hundreds of top-notch technologists specializing in a broad range of expertise, all with their sights on the future.
"Thank you... @pluralsight team for making something truly exceptional."
- Tony Lunt