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Feb 29, 2016
2h 25m

This course covers how to effectively create selections inside of Adobe Photoshop. Mastering selections is the first step in becoming a good Photoshop user. We cover a wide range of topics from basic selection concepts like feathering and anti-aliasing, to more advanced selection techniques using the Color Range command and nested masks. We wrap up the class by looking at some practical uses of selections like creating targeted adjustments and compelling photo composites.

About the author
About the author

Matthew Pizzi is an Adobe Certified instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching Adobe applications.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Having the ability to create a good selection inside of Photoshop is a skill that every user needs to have. This course will discuss different techniques and options available to you when making selections. We'll talk about things like the color range command, how to make selections based upon luminosity and how to transform your selection. Once we have a better understanding of how we can make selections, we'll put some of those tools into use by creating targeted adjustments inside the program as well as compositing several images into one. If you've ever needed to improve your selection skills inside of photoshop, this is the course for you.